• Rado

What are some signs of overdoing exercise?

It’s easy to overdo exercise, especially running, because once you get used to the sense of movement, it becomes harder to stop than keep going.

So here are a few symptoms of overexercising, and a few recovery techniques you can use if you’ve already overdone it.

  1. Your muscles are shaking and weak - if you feel uneasy walking, standing or sitting, you’ve overdone it.

  2. Your mouth is dry and you urinate often - if your body is purposefully dehydrating itself, you’ve overdone it.

  3. Your mind is foggy and you feel confusion - if you’re unable to think rationally 30–60min after exercising, you’ve overdone it.

  4. Your heart rate doesn’t slow down - if you can feel heavy heart beats and your blood pressure is high, you’ve overdone it.

  5. Your forehead and temples ache - if you’ve got migraines, especially concentrated at the front, you’ve overdone it.

  6. Your body feels achy as if catching a fever - if your immune system feels weakened, you’ve overdone it.

Now here are a few ways to get back from Bodystress Land:

  1. Hydrate - drink some liquids to replenish what’s lost. Drink a glass every 30min. Keep on until your mouth stops feeling dry.

  2. Get some glucose, protein and fats - next, you need some nutrients to replace the lost ones. Glucose quickly recovers lost muscle & liver energy deposits. Essential amino acids (esp. BCAAs) help muscle recovery. Healthy fats help prolong energy release, so you don’t get energy drops, and are also good for brain function. Eggs & Avo toast can hit all 3.

  3. Take some magnesium, potassium, zinc, sodium & chloride - all these are used for nerve signals and muscle contraction. They also escape through sweat, so your stores are likely depleted. At this time a supplement is better than food, as it can help you restore them much more quickly.

  4. Finally, don’t forget to stretch and relax - your body is strained and it needs some recovery time. There’s no need for a nap (unless you really feel like it), but you can sit quietly and do some mindful stretching or follow a few breaths. This will calm your nervous system down, and will turn down the entire fight-or-flight cascade going on.

Hope to see you on the other side. Good luck.