A Journey from Dieting
to Self-Appreciation

Hi, I’m Rado

I’m a nutritionist & wellbeing coach and for the past two years, I’ve helped dozens of busy women to break up with forever dieting, stop starving themselves and reclaim their relationship with food, all while eating healthy, losing weight, and being the world's most amazing wife and mum!

Why I do what I do?

Well, firstly, because I know what it feels like to avoid "unhealthy" foods until I feel depressed and starving. I've been trying to lose fat since I was 16, feeling like something was wrong with me. So I tested various different diets, including low-carb, calorie counting, Keto, clean eating, Atkins and intermittent fasting. Ironically, it wasn't until I stopped obsessing over my weight and instead decided to build a healthy body and mind, that I actually started losing fat. Effortlessly!


But more importantly, it's one of the most delightful experiences is to watch women liberate from the constant food restrictions, and instead focus on having a healthy body, a happy mind and lovely support!

You might say: "Okay, sure, but why women?"

Statistics show that 95% of women worry about their weight. Two out of three women are trying to lose weight. Add to that the stigma that society puts on women, completely ignoring women's biological inclination to put on weight easier and lose fat slower.


Nope, I believe that women deserve better!

Good nutrition is NOT just calories.

If you're not new to dieting, you've probably already "had the talk" about calories. Here's how it usually goes:


A personal trainer, spin class instructor or a "diet guru" competely ignores your struggles with weight loss, and instead cuts you off mid-sentence with the following:


"You have to count calories if you want to lose fat. It's all about calories in vs. calories out! We're all this one big calorie equation!" - Blah blah.

It's made to sound simple, so that most people get it. Sadly, calorie counting is not the ultimate truth to weight loss. 

Instead, our ability to lose fat (or keep it stable, for that matter) is much more complex, involving hormones, nutrient deficiencies, food quality, sleep, stress levels, taste preference, psychological and social factors... (there's more, by the way!)

Nope, counting calories is inaccurate, confusing and it can make us ignorant to our own intuition!

Instead, women who want to lose weight without dieting should focus on intuitive eating, choosing healthy foods for weight loss and healing their relationship with food.

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